Can't download onto my ipod

i’m trying to download germanlingqbeginner (who is she?) part 1 onto my ipod, but whenever i press the download button on the site no window pops that would allow me to do that. i had do problem with my italian and french lessons–could someone please help???


Hi Chris,

That’s very strange. It works fine for me. Were you able to download the Italian and French recently or were they downloaded in the past? Also, what browser are you using?

i just dowloaded a new french conversation and that worked fine…but i’m having no luck whatsoever with the german!!! very frustrated…i’m mystified!!!

i’m using the most current version of Internet Explorer.

there’s definitely something wrong with that particular german lesson that i mentioned in my first post–because i just easily downloaded other lessons in german. i’d really like to be able to download that lesson though–it’s beginner’s german and that’s what i need!


i also had no trouble downloading this German content. One thing you might try is to make sure you Update the text first, then try downloading.Let me know if this works or not.


Can you download the audio for part 2 of that collection?

I haven’t been able to download any audio using the button since the changeover. I use Opera on Vista. However, I have found that if I change /read/ in the address bar to /download/ I can get the audio that way.

We don’t claim to support Opera although I understand it does work on Opera for the most part. There is an issue with external audio urls but most of the audio is not external so should function properly. We will shortly be changing the Download button into a link so you will be able to right click on it to download. That should work for all urls.

sorry guys, it’s still not working.

i tried dowloading other parts of that collection, too, to no avail.

i’ll try it on a different computer.


Can you send a screenshot including the address bar so we can see what’s going on there? This seems very strange. Send it to support at lingq dot com.