Can't Downgrade Plan

Can’t downgrade to the free plan despite having deleted all my imported lessons (ridiculous that I had to do that manually anyway). Keep getting the popup saying I’ve got more than 5 imported lessons in my library. Can someone downgrade me please?

I checked your account and I can confirm that you have cancelled your subscription successfully. Your account will be downgraded to FREE level after your current paid period expire.

Sorry for adding to this thread, but it is subscription related, and I appear to not be at a trust level to make new posts.
I’ve got the 24 month subscription, and plan to make full use of it. Now, on the subscription page, it says “all memberships fees are charged monthly”, which means about £7 would be charged to my Paypal account every month, but the wording on my Paypal invoice implies that the full fee for the 2 years will be deducted in one go.

That amount in one go is perfectly fine, but if it is the latter (one off payment), then the wording on the subscription page needs to be changed.
Actually, where is says “no long term contracts”, could also be considered not accurate.
Clarification required, matey. Pretty please :slight_smile:
When I went to subscribe, I actually thought it was payment in one go, from what I read elsewhere on the web, so was surprised to see what was written on the subscription page.

Hmm, “memberships fees” should be “membership fees”

I’ll go away now :slight_smile: