Can't disable "show spaces" in PC version


I can’t disable “show spaces” under reader settings in the PC version. I can check or uncheck the box, but the spaces are always there.

Looking more closely, I see that unchecking the “show spaces” box makes the spaces smaller, but they are still there, as you can see if you compare normal Chinese text to the LingQ reader.

Is this for Japanese? I have the same problem. The spaces never go away.
Even with lessons I upload myself, I have to put spaces between words or have one giant sentence that cannot be broken up into lingqs.

Yes, it is for Japanese and Chinese. I added an illustration to my original post.

BTW, do you use the LingQ editor to add spaces to your lessons? It has a button labeled “Resplit Text” that will automatically insert spaces. I don’t think it does a great job with Japanese, but I’m hoping it will improve as LingQ evolves.

I reported the problem to our team. They will look into it and have it fixed.

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I’ve tried the “Resplit Text,” but I end up with weird spaces where I don’t want them. For example, I don’t like having a space between the verb stem and ~ます. I’m hoping it’ll get easier to format lessons, but I still love this site!


Completely agree. There is a lot of room for improvement in LingQ parsing (we should have a post about it), but LingQ is still an excellent resource!