Can't delete the German lesson and remove it from the course

Hi, Admins. Could you please remove

from the course

and delete it.
I can’t edit or delete this lesson myself. This is not the first time this error occurs, you promised to look into it - please do it this time.

I removed it. It did had “deleted” status and wasn’t listed in lesson list on the Edit Course page.
Were you still able to access it with direct link only? Or was it still listed on My Lessons page for you?

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  1. Imported YouTube video in the course using LingQ chrome plugin;
  2. It was automatically divided into 3 parts;
  3. Unfortunately, only first part can be made public, so I did it;
  4. Then I noticed the low quality of subtitles and decided to delete the lesson;
  5. I went to the first part, in edit mode, clicked “Remove lesson” at the bottom of the page - I hoped that all parts would be deleted with it;
  6. System didn’t remove the lesson: it was visible in the course list, available by direct link, but editing was not possible - error 404, also it didn’t appear in the course list in edit mode;
  7. Two remained parts were removed without problems.
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