Can't delete from "My Lessons"

All of a sudden the “My Lessons” is showing me all the lessons I’ve ever done and I can’t delete any of them. I click delete, it asks if I am sure, I confirm and it acts like it deleted the lesson but it remains there. On my Android App it correctly shows only the lessons I have been studying but on my pc is where I am having this problem.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

It appears I am only having this problem in Firefox on my pc, its working fine on Google Chrome and on the internet explorer on my Android. I guess I will just use lingq on Chrome then. But is anyone else having this problem with Firefox?

@oscarvega - Have you tried refreshing the page or clicking on My Lessons in the Learn dropdown to launch the page again? It sounds very strange that you could be having that problem on only one browser. It may just be a temporary glitch of some kind since we are not hearing that from anyone else.

I guess it was a temporary glitch as today I am no longer having the problem, it works fine now.

But yes yesterday I refreshed the page and launched it from the dropdown menu and the problem persisted.