Can't delete a lesson

Hi LingQ Support,

I have a lesson imported from Youtube that can’t be deleted in one of my courses ‘Learn English with Bob the Canadian: Free Videos to Learn English’. It keeps showing in the course even the web page shows the lesson can’t be found when clicking the edit button. I’ve named this lesson ‘Delete this’, please help to completely delete this lesson from that course. Thanks for your support.


I had this problem. In the end I had to “move” it to my quick imports to clear it from my course.

Try deleting it from this page: Login - LingQ

No, it doesn’t work as well. And if I try to edit that lesson, the web page shows it can’t find the page. However, the lesson still remains in my course and I still can open it.

Hi, RJDavies
What do you mean “move it to my quick imports”?

Can you please send me a lesson URL to support(at) I’ll take a look.

Here you are: Login - LingQ

Thank you.

@LinJJ Thanks, I removed it.

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Thanks for your help, @zoran.
Have a good one.