Can't create LingQ

Hi there,
I’ve got a free account and currently have no LingQ. I am unable to create any new one and getting a message to activate a premium account to use this feature ; although I though I could have 20 free one. Any suggestion ? Cheers

@germanfrog - hi! Please note that 20 LingQs limit is a hard limit. Once you reach it, you will not be able to create LingQs anymore. You may want to try our basic Premium membership ($10 per month). You can stop it and downgrade to free at any time.


I can’t create words Lingqs specially I don’t watch the vocabulary meaning locate at right screenshot . I can listen Steve only ! What is browser must I use ? Must I change the operator system ? Thanks a lot to respond me ?

Me too

@AGISSON - we are sorry about that. Everything seems to be working fine and fast for me. Would you give us a bit more information so that we can take a look into it? Which browser and operating system are you using? Would you try to use a different browser just to see if it helps. What do you see on your screen when trying to create a LingQ or open a dictionary? Would you be able to make a screenshot for us? It would be very helpful!

@nd71 - please explain a bit more what the exact issue is.