Can't click unknown words to bring up the translations anymore

Ok so I haven’t sniffed around on the new site since the changes, and what seems to be the core functionality has changed, or been made for upgraded folks only now…?

If I choose a lesson, then over in the right when New Words is selected, if I click on an unknown word, I get the "
Oops! To continue creating unlimited LingQs, you will need to upgrade." page, not any translations for the word I’ve clicked. Is this by design? I’m not trying to add a lingq - I’m just trying to view translations for the word like I used to be able to do. In case the issue is that I’m at 100 linqgs, I went in and deleted a few of my lingqs and I still get the same result.



Turns out in the new regime, I had to get my Lingqs down under twenty 0_o. Once I did that, I got full functionality. I tried to delete my post, but didn’t see where to do it, so I’m posting my own solution! :slight_smile:


The limit is now 20. For every person you recommend to LingQ, you can increase this limit by another 20. You can continue doing this until you reach the hard limit of 500. At that point you will need to decide whether you think the LingQ functionality is worth paying $10 a month for or not.

…huntbot… well, this is exactly what I did but it seems now that the word number has been reduced to ZERO… Whatever I do I cannot seem to review a single word now… is this the same for you or do you still get the 20 free??? Que pena!!!

…Steve… It looks like you and your guys have changed the goal posts again… (whatever that means…) Now I cant review a single word using your system, which, by the way is excellent and if my financial situation was to improve I would upgrade immediately… Please let me know if this is a system error or this is your final new tactic to stop anyone using this site without paying…, your perogative by the way… I just would like to know before I move on to something else… cheers… Andy

The size of the free members database has been reduced to 20. Free members can add another 20 words and phrases to their personal database for every person they refer to LingQ. This can go on up to a total of 500, which is then a hard limit. Deleting words does not add new space in the database.

Of course the lessons in the library remain available for free access and download.

There was a glitch that was allowing some accounts to continue to use the word tools and tracking after deleting to fewer than 20 LingQs. That bug has been fixed. The limit is designed to prevent access to LingQ creation and known words tracking

…mark…Thanks for the response. At least I understand whats happened now… I suppose its back to my hard copy of my Spanglish Dictionary and some old tapes of Michel Thomas… Thanks again and good luck with this excellent learning tool…It’s the best I have ever seen…and who knows, if my financial situation changes I will definately sign up… Andy