Can't choose my native language in the settings

There isn’t an option to choose icelandic as my native language in settings. So i have to have my native language as english because i can’t leave it blank either. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi there,

The list actually comes pre-populated and updates automatically if changes are made to the original. See the following thread for more information: Native Language - Language Forum @ LingQ

Why… doesn’t LingQ just have its own list? Seems to be rather basic, in my mind.

Someone comes along, you add a new language. Simple.

@froskur - Just for you and (lmyriteshem :-)) we’ve now added Icelandic to the list! You should be able to choose it now.

A while ago, I remarked the absence of Maltese too. There are a few Maltese users and they can’t set Maltese as their native language either. Will you add it for them (and for me)? :slight_smile:

Thank’s very much, it’s better this way to prevent misunderstanding:D

Why not have “other language” as an option?

Because it would prevent people to find a language partner in these minor languages! :slight_smile:

As is prevented anyway because of the lack of being able to choose them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mark, you’re awesome. :smiley:

It was a good suggestion to add Other. We have done so now as well as adding Maltese for you Michele…!

Is it very difficult to allow members to name two native languages?

Actually, I have thought about this several times. I was reminded of this lately with our Lithuanian/Russian speaker who only put Russian up.

Yirtse: “As is prevented anyway because of the lack of being able to choose them. :p”

Students of languages that are not on LingQ can still filter members by mother tongue and contact them for a private language exchange, for example.