Can't Cancel a Conversation

I have a LingQ-er that wants to change a conversation time. I tried to go in and cancel the one-on-one 15 minute conversation so that we could set up a different day/time but I am getting this message:

“This conversation cannot be cancelled because it is a part of a group course”

@kmahly - sorry about that. Would you tell us the date&time of that conversation so that we can take a closer look into it and cancel it for you if necessary?

It looks like the LingQer went and cancelled it on his end. Still not sure why it did that, though. The original time was supposed to be for Thursday, the 15th at 2pm Central Standard Time (Chicago).

@kmahly - we are sorry about that. It was an issue with conversation cancellation. It should be fixed now. If you experience this again, please let us know.