Can't book lessons I see available on tutors' schedule

I spent a half of hour trying to figure out the new way to book conversations, but without success. I see the available time in green on the calendar, I try to click on it, as suggested, but the link just doesn’t work. Tried booking several tutors in different languages, tried connecting from Chrome and Firefox - with the same result. In addition, can’t find the 15min slot anymore, the minimum is 30m - please add the missing time slot.

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Make sure you click Book on the tutor listing or calendar popup, then on the next screen choose your duration and number of conversations to book. Finally, click the Choose Time button beside each conversation you have set up. You can then choose a conversation time by clicking on the green calendar that shows in the calendar popup. Then, click the Reserve Time button and you’re done.

As for the 15 minute time slot, this is no longer available I’m afraid. It just ended up being kind of unfair on the tutor who almost always ended up spending more time than that and not getting compensated for it.

Mark, it’s not a good idea to eliminate ‘15 min. slots.’
First, it’s difficult to a student with a low-intermediate level’ to speak more than 15 min. And secondly, the tutor, for example me, could speak with the student 20-24 min although he/she paid for 15 minutes and it was an additional bonus for a student.


Mark, it is impossible to click on the green calendar slots, it doesn’t work :frowning:

Mark, I think I understood why I can’t book a conversation in any language - if tutors post a 15 min. slot, the calendar shows it, but students can’t book this slot. I tried a tutor who has a longer slot and it works (I didn’t reserved this booking since it was not one of my tutors, but clicking on the calendar worked). If it is your final decision not to offer short slots any more (personally I agree with Evgeny that for beginners and low-intermediate students 15 min was perfect), perhaps it is worthwhile to inform the tutors about this problem and ask them to update their calendars.

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@inablau - Yes, you are right. Good catch. We will send out an email to all tutors about these changes.

I am very unhappy about this scheduling change! It used to be such an easy task. I came back from my vacation and wanted to schedule a few conversations with Sabina, but I am at loss… I am not sure where I can go to schedule with 50% off as I did in the past? Or did you cancel this possibility for your clients. The only thing I see that I can book a lesson for $20.00 per hour instead of $17.00/hr or $8.50/30 min.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The 50% discount you get a Premium member is on points. This still exists. The price of the conversations can now be set by the tutors but most tutors still have the standard rate they used to have which is $20 an hour. This is the rate we have always charged. It has never been $17 I’m afraid.

I guess I have never seen the price while scheduling conversations. I actually did schedule for 30 minutes on Monday and noticed that 1000 points were taken. Since I usually buy points for $85, it costs me less and that has not changed. What confused me was seeing the price which was not the case before. Thanks!

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And the elimination of the opportunity of booking 15-minutes slots for the conversations is a BIG MISTAKE in my opinion.
For a lot of not -advanced students with an uinterrmediate level it will be very difficult to sperak in foreign language more than 15-20 minutes.
And iswtead of acrtiuiviation the possiblity of conversations at the site you will receive a considerable reduction of booking them!


As a tutor, how can I find the calendar to sign up students?

Go to your Settings, then Profile. Add your bio, a video, your rate and input your weekly schedule.