Can't be a tutor?

I would like to be a french tutor but when I select my times horairs, there are no safes.
What must I do ?
Thank you !

Are you saying you can’t save your new time zone? Please make sure to click the Save changes button at the bottom of the Settings page after you choose your new time from the listbox.

Mark, We cannot see our own 1 on 1 on the speaking page. Maybe this is the problem.

Vicento, I can see your times :slight_smile: Unfortunately my french is to basic to have a conversation in French.

Ok I see, thank you !

Others members can see my hourly but not me, it’s not a problem for me to not see my conversations because they are on the calendars.
Now I’ve got a new problem. I had look the page “report” and it’s not possible to see this page now. So I had send my conversation report by mail but I don’t have got my 375 points. Steeve tell me to send a mail at mark but I’m not sure, it is ?
Thank you !

@vicento - You can just email if you ever have any issues like this Vicento. The points for the conversation report are awarded automatically by the system. Obviously, if you send a report by email, our system can’t know this and award points. I realize that old conversations are disappearing from the list too soon. We are working to have all old conversations remain in the list. When we have this fixed, you can go back and resend the report and thus, get your points.

@Vera - We will get your own times to display again soon. For now you have to look in your Calendar.

Mark, I know this. My intention was to explain Vicento what happened.

Ok Mark, I’m sure you make all for improve lingq. Good luck, I know it’s not easy to manage a website.