Can't award points for a correction/recording

I just tried to award points to Gosta for a very prompt Swedish correction. The ‘award points’ button does not work, although I managed to import the text as a lesson (which is the button right next to it). I want the text to be shown as “Completed” and Gosta to get his 264 points. Any ideas what to do?

It’s now some hours later and it still doesn’t work.

Could you please transfer the points - it’s 254 actually, not 264 - to Gosta on my behalf (you already took them off me when I submitted the request, I take it.)

Thank you!

Hi @SanneT, it is strange. I have just tested it. The button works properly for me. Which browser are you using? Would you make a screenshot of how it looks when you click “award points”?

Screenshot??? I’m on FF (latest), on Windows XP, on a very slow, very old computer. There is nothing happening at all, but - as I said before - I was able to import the lesson.

I am keen that it be shown as Completed, so that nobody else wastes his/her time. Could you do it somehow? Pllleeeeeease?

@SanneT - sorry about that, we are not able to close the request. I also tested it in Firefox. Would you be able to try another browser, e.g. Chrome on your computer?

No, I shan’t do that. My computer nearly froze permanently when I tried the extension the other day. So, I won’t risk it.

What I can do later is go onto another computer and try it from there. If that doesn’t work, drastic action will be needed!

If you are able to try from another computer, it would be great. Also, try to refresh the page pressing Ctrl + F5. Please let us know how it goes. We are sorry about that.

Yippeee, it worked!

I originally tried to award the points from within the notification window (on two computers). Might that have been the trouble? This time I did it from the Exchange post itself.

I can now go to bed a happy person, I don’t owe anyone any points!

@SanneT - I am happy too now :slight_smile: Thanks for clarification. Now I see what happened. Yes, it seems to be an issue with responding from notification window. We are looking into it now. Thanks for some extra efforts :slight_smile: Have a good night!