Can't attach a conversation

In the new 5 steps to working with an item, the last step is attach a conversation. I tried to do this in the Portuguese section (I have my first conversation planned for tomorrow), but a pop-up tells me

You have no conversations to attach.

Sign up for a Conversation

Then, come back and attach it to this lesson.

Does this mean that you cannot attach a previously planned conversation to a lesson and that you have to go from the lesson to the conversations page to be able to attach the conversation to the lesson, or is it a bug? I can’t tell the difference at this point, as I don’t fully understand the functionality yet, but I am sure you can enlighten me!

Hi Nicole,

No, it sounds like you are trying to do the right thing. It could be that the conversation is not being recognized because you signed up for it before the update. Can you try cancelling and then signing up again for that conversation, then seeing if it appears for you? It seems to be working fine for me right now but I think there are some bugs in there somewhere.

Hi Mark, by the time I got your message apparently I had already missed the conversation. It seems I have more trouble learning how to read the time correctly than learning new languages :frowning: