Can't add new lesson

I am working on recording & sharing a lesson collection but in the last few days I have lost the option of ‘Adding’ lessons I have shared to the My Lessons section. I can open them, and read and Lingq them, but they remain not part of my library - and thus they do not show up on my iphone. I can add lessons from any other collection, just the one I created & am working on does not work.

Thanks for any possible help.


Is it possible that you’ve archived these lessons? You can view your full list of archived lessons by clicking on “View all archived lessons” at the bottom of the My Lessons page. To unarchive a lesson, just uncheck the box next to it.

Oh that was it. I forgot I had added them awhile back and then archived the ones I was not yet using. Thank you.

Glad to help out :slight_smile: