Can't add lessons to my LingQ android App

Hi there.
Some1 sent me his lessons from a private course. There are 8 lessons but only the 1st one appears on my mobile deice. How can I group all these 8 lessons together and most importantly - add to my mobile so I can create a playlist and listen to them?
He had to link me every single lesson separately because when he linked me the course there was an error saying that there were no lessons in this course.


Hi Greg,

Our app uses the API to connect with the server to load courses, and for security reasons we only show private lessons that you’ve actually opened in your account. You can go ahead and open the remaining lessons on the course from the site, they should then show up in the app.
Feel free to ask if you have any additional questions!


I have already opened each lesson on the site, I even created lingqs in some, still only the 1st lesson appears on my Android app.

I tested this with another course in my own account using a test account and it seems to be working properly. I shared the link to two lessons in the course (of 16 total lessons), and both lessons that I opened in the test account show up properly when I tap on that course in both the iOS and Android apps, so initially I’m not quite sure what would be causing this. Would you be able to send me a link to this specific course so we can take a closer look?

Here’s the course: Login - LingQ

1st lesson: Login - LingQ

2nd lesson: Login - LingQ

Thanks for the links. I opened these two lessons on the site, then opened the course in both iOS and Android and these two lessons are showing properly. I’m not sure why they aren’t showing properly in your case, as the lessons seem to be being sent properly from our server. Would you perhaps try deleting and reinstalling the app? It sounds like there may be something wrong with your specific installation that might be preventing these lessons from loading properly. Let us know if this helps!

I’ve reinstalled the app and it works now.
Thank you very much, Alex!


Awesome, glad to hear it! We’re here if you run into any other issues :slight_smile: