Can't add available time slots for individual ourse

Can’t add available time slots for individual ourse

Gaarrrh! I hate that we don’t have a delete button!!!

What I wanted to ask was: I published Japanese courses for beginner 1 and 2, but there was no place to add my available time. Could you tell me how?

From my understanding, I don’t think you have to add your available time on this page. I think the times you put down on your calendar when you add time and update your calendar are what students can choose from. As the tutor, you will be able to see other tutor’s available course times. However, you will not be able to see your own available times. As a student, I can see that for your Beg II class, there is availability from Dec 19 - Mar 15 Sun between 6 and 11:45 PM. Hope that helps!

OH! I see! Thank you, Allison :smiley:

Emma, I see that courses are 3 months long… Perhaps it is a bug with LingQ…

Beginner 1 - Hiragana Drill: EXPRESS #1 3 months emma00 $30.00
(3000 points)

Beginner 1 - Hiragana Drill: EXPRESS #2 3 months emma00 $30.00
(3000 points)

Beginner 1 - Hiragana Drill: EXPRESS #3 3 months emma00 $30.00
(3000 points)


the “3 months” is a temporary holdover from the old system which will disappear as soon as we load up the latest version, hopefully very soon. The number of events and dates reflects only one month. Sorry for the inconvenience…should be fixed shortly.

Ok, then tomorrow I’ll sign up for the express hiragana course :slight_smile:

I wanted to sign up for beginners hiragana, but the times are 12pm - 5am for me!


Thank you very much for signing up with my course! Wow, we will be busy learning Hiragana!!! Since you know some Hiragana already, I want to tell you very basic Kanji, too!

What time is good for you? I might be able to have lesson earlier for you.

I’ve already signed up for a French course in January, and it’s just occurred to me that I may not have the points (or indeed the free time) for two courses at once. I shall be signing up for some one-on-one classes with you though, and maybe a beginners course in the spring.

Wow! I know you are learning Russian. Now French and Japanese too!?!? You are a super woman!!! I am looking forward to talking with you :smiley: Tell me anytime if I need to add more time slots.

My husband is threatening to e-mail photos of our house to all LingQ members to demonstrate that the reason I have time for languages is that I don’t do nearly enough housework :wink:

I’ve told him that now I’m a tutor he can jolly well do more of the housework himself :-p

I’m working my way through your beginner’s lessons and learning how to read hiragana first. It’s be a few weeks before I have the courage to try speaking !

The lessons are very good by the way. Do keep up producing the materials for us learners!

Is it not usual in Japanese to put spaces between words?

Yes, my husband is the same, too!
I am so glad you like my lessons. Thank you.
Yes, it is not usual to put spaces between words.
For newer lessons, I put spaces when I upload, but I often forget it :frowning:
We never write in Romaji neither, so we don’t know the rule of Romaji…