Can't add audio to a lesson

I’ve been creating new lessons. I try to import an MP3 audio for each lesson but I have never succeeded. Each lesson just has the text I imported as a PDF.

Can anyone please help? A link to the most recent instructions for creating a lesson might have that information.

I recently was able to upload an MP3 file. How long is your MP3 file?

Click the plus sign at the top right of your screen (desktop) → import lesson → Upload audio file
Capture hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB <— screen

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Thanks, ericrobertz.

The files range from about 8 to 13 minutes.

I’ve done it as you have shown. I just clicked to add audio file and selected an mp3 file named “8 - 11 cosas que hay que hacer.mp3”. The lesson then showed the following
Attached File
C:\fakepath\8 - 11 cosas que hay que hacer.mp3 x (the “x” at the end is in superscript font). I filled in the title of the lesson and saved it to a course I created.

When I open the lesson, it contains only the text. No audio.

Are you sure that you confirmed on “SAVE” after you added audio? Don’t be confused by “Fakepath” displayed, that’s normal. But you need to save a lesson after you add it to upload the audio.