Can't access all lessons with iLinqQ

For each course iLingQ only seems to show 10 lessons. I can no longer access the lesson I started working on yesterday, even thought it’s the most recently imported and accessed. How do I get to view it again? I presume this is a recent change?

Sorry for the trouble here! We’re aware of this issue and are working on this now. We hope to have this resolved very soon!

Ok, great. Thanks for letting me know.

I’m farther along in “Russian from Zero” than I can work on with my phone right now. But this issue did put some lessons in front of me I’d never seen before. That is a positive side.

I suppose there’s always a bit of good in the bad :slight_smile: We’ll aim to have this fixed shortly!

Looks to be working again ok now?

Yup, should be working again with today’s update :slight_smile:

Great stuff thanks :slight_smile: