Cannot view new word definitions

A while back, I hit my LingQ limit and then left for a while. I came back today to try to see if I can pick up where I left off on some Russian, and so I opened the lesson and the first thing I am greeted with is “Go Premium: Upgrade to enable all premium features.” Now, I was pretty confused, since I had triple-checked that I disabled “Auto LingQ Creation” in the settings.

So, brushing that incident off, I move on to click on the first word and clear it as known (I already know that word but this is my first time doing Russian on LingQ). And when I click on it, I am once again greeted with “Go Premium: Upgrade to enable all premium features.” I was confused, but exited out of it to move on to the word definition. However, the word definition did not appear. I was confused, and clicked on a few more words and the same thing happened.

So, I switched back to my German course that I had tried out before and it let me view word definitions. I’m not sure if this is just a thing with the Russian course or that this is just random chance for whatever reason but I hope it gets fixed because until then, I pretty much am unable to move forward on the course on LingQ.

Yes, that is how it’s supposed to work. Once you reach your LingQs limit, you will get the upgrade popup every time you select a blue word, and you no longer have access to dictionary and community translations.

Back when we released LingQ 5.0 a few months back, access to translations was available for a while to everyone, but it is now back to how it always worked.

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Ah, alright. Thanks.