Cannot use tha LingQ app anymore

Today has been rather a nightmare.

While listening to a YouTube video with the app on my iPad, it crashed. Every time I reopen the app, it crashes, hence it is now unuseable.

Okay so I went to the web interface to play the YouTube video. It’s a nightmare to use. At one point I had a page from the transcript, and the video in a mini window. I eventually figured out that the transcript does not automatically go to the correct page, and it took me ages to find the current page. I did something or other and now I can only see one sentence, and I cannot get back to the transcript. I cannot figure out how to edit a sentence. And when I copy a sentence, it removes the spaces. Thus copying is totally pointless.

Sorry but as a user interface this is horrible, so horrible that I don’t want to use it. It is very confusing. I will try again tomorrow, but at this rate I’m not inclined to use LingQ. I’m better off just using YouTube.

Oh yes and I tried to import several YouTube videos, but it wouldn’t let me. I imported several yesterday. This is frustrating when I spend more time messing around with LingQ than actually studying.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it now works. This reminds me of the IT Crowd, a UK sitcom: “Have you turned it off and then on again?”

I’m not sure I could have continued with the web interface.

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It crashed again today while playing a Les Daltons YouTube video. Uninstall, reinstall, sorted.

I like LingQ, but the bugs are annoying.

Sorry to hear that. We will investigate what happened.

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Thank you. It seems to be only the Les Daltons video, maybe a bit too violent for LingQ. :slightly_smiling_face: