Cannot un-select. Makes it impossible for me to create lessons as I like them

Once I select text, it offers to create a hint. If I decline to create a hint, the text remains selected, as a text with an empty. It stays like this forever. Why can’t I delete the hint, that is, unselect the text?


Are you having troubles with creating LingQs or with hints inside LingQs? What exactly are you seeing highlighted?
The text in the lesson will remain highlighted (either blue or yellow) until you mark the word as “Known” or “Status 4”, but this is to distinguish known words, new and LingQed words.


Usually we only highlight individual words or phrases and then look for a Hint.

If you want to undo your selected word or words, and do not want to create the LingQ or add a Hint, you can either refresh your browser, or add a new hint and then delete it right away.

Thanks for the replies and sorry my question wasn’t clear. I know understand how to do what I’d like to do.

But I have one more comment with respect to one thing that was said, namely: “…you can either refresh your browser, or add a new hint and then delete it right away.” I would respectfully submit that users should also be able to “unselect” the highlighted language without jumping through those little hoops you mention. It’s a simple function - select and unselect and select and unselect. I can even do it as I type this note. I can do it in emails. I can do on websites. I can do it in Word, and Excel, and similar programs.

But in LingQ Lessons, I can’t. Instead, I have to “either refresh [my] browser, or add a new hint and then delete it right away.”

Thanks for listening and for your help

Thanks Mike for the suggestion. Note that if you only select a word, you can click Known and the word will be unselected. If you do this for a phrase it appears that the phrase remains blue until you refresh.

However I am not sure we want to add another button on the LingQ widget for “unselect”.My fear that this would add confusion without adding any needed functionality. In over 4 years, this is the first time someone has asked for it.

I would be interested in the views of others. In any case it is not something that we will do in the short run.

Interesting. I wouldn’t think you would need to add a button. One should be able to do this with a mouse or tracking pad. That’s how I select and deselect on every other program/website I have/use, including other webpages within LingQ itself. For example, I can select the text you wrote above earlier, and then copy it and paste it elsewhere. I can also simply deselect it. There’s no button needed.

It’s a bit different than regular text (on this forum, for instance), because the page uses javascript to identify words and allow you to create LingQs. While you can select and deselect regular text, this function is a bit more complicated when introducing javascript into the equation. That’s the beauty of LingQ – that you are able to interact with text that would otherwise be “unLingQable”.