Cannot share lessons

I am trying to import a lesson shared by another LingQer: Login - LingQ ; currently I am a non-paying (“free”) member of LingQ. Up to 5 lessons should be allowed as imports at one time, as I understand the setup. Having checked all the LingQ language choices, I find no unshared lessons imported by me, but I cannot import the lesson. Instead I receive a message saying I have reached my limit of imports. The provider of the lesson and I are each followers of the other. Is there any way for me to import this lesson?

@Ernie - The limit for imported private lessons is actually an all-time limit, so if you have imported five lessons in the past then you will have already hit the limit. In order for you to access this lesson the provider will need to share the lesson in the Library or you will need to upgrade to Basic or higher.

Hi, Alex. Thanks for the response. That makes more sense. Except for one thing. I deleted the remaining lesson yesterday but am still unable to import the uploaded files. Either I have missed an unshared lesson, or there is something else. Perhaps I have to log out and log in, to re-initialize things. I’ll try that.

@Ernie - The point is that if you have already imported 5 lessons, you can’t import any more ever unless you upgrade your account.

Thanks, Mark, for the correction. I hurriedly misread alex’s “the provider will need to share the lesson” as “you will need to share the lesson.” It’s clear now.