Cannot save phrase

When I select a phrase (fewer than nine words), I see the phrase on the top right of the screen.

Below it there is a Google Translate button. Below that is a message:

“To create a phrase lingq, please select up to 9 words from the same sentence.”

Clicking on the Google Translation brings up the Google Translate box but I cannot find a way to save the translation.

I’m on a Windows machine and have tried Edge and Brave.

What am I doing wrong?

The function works on my iPhone.

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I get that a lot too. One might expect selecting text as one would in any text program would do the right thing, but about half the time LingQ can’t keep up.

I’ve found that I have to slow down.

  • Click on first word of phrase.
    – Check that the definition panel shows up on that word.
  • Press down on the first word and mouse to the last word of the phrase.
  • Release the mouse button.

That should do it.


We will investigate the issue, thanks.

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Hi @tom-in-germany , @jt23 !
Could you please share a screenshot of the issue and a link to the lesson where it happens?
This will help to reproduce it.

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Hi, I can’t replicate the problem on my Mac, only on my Windows machine at work. I’ll send the screenshot on Monday 3rd June. Thanks for your support.