Cannot save LingQ edits in the Dictionary page

Hi to all,

I am a Mac user, I have tried with both Safari and Firefox browsers
to edit in the Dictionary page one LingQ entry.
I wanted to change the translation of the word,
I do it, I save it but when I exit from the small window
with the cross on the top right, it tells me that
I will lose the unsaved modifications… But I saved!
When I close the window, nothing has been changed.


I am a Mac user. I can change my saved definition at will and just press Enter or Return. No problem. Or have I misunderstood something?

I have an entry of the dictionary with two meaning.
I want to delete the first one. I open the entry (it opens a small window)
I remove the first meaning, press enter (it shows the saving picture).
Then the little window of the entry is still open.
If I close it with the X it says that I have not saved
the edits and if I exit anyway the edits are not saved.
What shall I do?

Don’t click on X, just move on to another word in the text, once you saved your changes by clicking on Return.

Sorry to bother you, but your solution don’t work for me.
I do the edits, I click to another word…
It pops up the same message “Unsaved edits, do you want to proceed anyway?”
:frowning: I don’t know what to do!

@hardcorelearnerITA - would you be able to make a screenshot of the page with this pop up message?

Yes done. How do I send it to you?

please send it to support(at)