Cannot link a sentence (Russian)

Hello everyone.

I’ve made my own imports which consist of invidual words along with example sentences like below:

Что это?
Я говорю, что он на работе

I’m unable to select all of “Я говорю, что он на работе” to make a link. I need to do this for my flash cards. I cannot even select “что он на работе”. Just encase it matters, “на работе” is it’s own link right now as well as each word.

I’ve also tried this “Я говорю что он на работе” with no luck, I still prefer to use the correct grammar “,”.

Is there a reason I cannot do this?

My Lesson is: 10,000 Freq Russian Words - (1 - 10) (If Support Needs to see it)

Thank you.

EDIT: I was just trying a few other things, and it appears that when I link a sentence which contains known words in between the unknown words, it will not save the link as a full click able entry on the page and highlight it all yellow… I’ve done this in two different imports. The sentence itself is saved in my vocab, but I guess it just breaks the yellow due to the known words in between.

Hi! Yes, there are sometime strange issues when trying to save phrases that contain phrases. It’s a bit tricky from a development perspective to decide on the best way to display various words and phrases that have been highlighted, and despite having spent a good amount of time on this there always seem to be exceptions where it doesn’t work as some might expect :slight_smile:

Since the phrases are saving properly, I don’t know that we’ll do anything immediately here, but we will keep this in mind as we look at continuing to refine the lesson page.

Thank you for your response. It’s good that it at least saves the sentences regardless of not showing up yellow in the import lesson document view. At the end of the day, I’m only using this for the flash card feature, as I don’t intend on re-visiting those imported lessons again.

There is a pattern. If you want to lingq a phrase which starts with already lingqed phrase you can’t (exception: if the first phrase is created in current session (page hasn’t been refreshed) you can still lingq it).


The quick BROWN FOX jumps over the lazy dog. (caps is a yellow phrase)

You can create a new lingq “quick brown fox”, but you can’t create “brown fox jumps” unless you have created “brown fox” in this session (by session I mean browser’s page session). But you still can create “quick brown fox jumps”.

Thanks. What I’ve done is just add it under vocabulary then go back into the document and it seems to work and show up all yellow. It also works when I bring up the lesson in vocabulary to do flash cards.