Cannot import Spanish youtube videos


I have tried to add the Lingq importer extension to both chrome and firefox and get the same issue when I try import: it says “importing” and then “Error:” and nothing else.

The two videos both have transcripts and I’m wondering why it doesnt work.

The videos are:


Any help greatly appreciated!!!


Should be back to normal now and you can import videos again. It was just a temporary issue yesterday while we were running quick update.

Yup, it wasn’t working yesterday.

Now it’s functional but the new issue is that the audio does not get imported, at all. Don’t know if this is the same for all. I use firefox. It’s been buggy for me (since the beginning) the way the audio files were imported and after a quick edit, the audio will be produced.

But now there is no audio even afgter the quick edits. What happened?

Seems like there is a delay in importing audio. If you check the same import a bit later audio is there. We’ll check why it takes a while to import audio.

Thanks. Yeah, the audio is now working. Hopefully the import system will get an improvement.