Cannot get back to the original page view

I was studying a lesson, got disconnected and when I could connect again I could not get back to the original view for the lessons.
I’ve been trying to figure out how, but I cannot make it work.
It is very important for me since I am slightly visually impaired and I need to zoom in the browser view in order to read the characters.
With that view I could manage to display everything on the page even with greater zoom values… but now I can’t anymore, many elements get now pushed out of the page and there are also features that take space and that I don’t need.
Here you can see a screen copy of how my page view was and how I’d like to have it back.


Thank you all in advance.


We recently pushed a change that affected how the tabs were displayed, but there appear to be a few issues related to this implementation. We will look at getting these formatting issues fixed as soon as possible.

I am unable to open your images from, by the way.

thanks for your prompt response.
I hope things will get fixed soon, since the lessons are becoming unusable in my case.

Here I am posting again my screen copy links:

I have just checked them, and they work … if not, I must be using the wrong formatting parameters for weblinks while writing this post. (but the address is correct - copy and paste should work)

Many Thanks

Everything should be working properly as long as you refresh the page.

Please see the post by Boris announcing these new features, as this will give you a better understanding of what has changed:

Why did that post not appear in the ‘recently active threads’ list?

Oh it did. I was just well hidden.