Cannot find recently created courses

Hi , I’ve just created a course with some imported lessons , but I just cannot find ( in this new layout) it. I go to library, my lesson and finally Courses…they aren’t there.

The way I found to study this course, was through Classic layout. Am I doing something wrong? Or really there is a problem.


Hi Josem22,
When you are on the Lesson Library page, choose “My Lessons” option and under advanced filters select “Show Imports Only”. Hope this helps!

Still doesn’t work. I’ve got 6 imported courses , and new layout only shows 4.I need to go to Classic layout to study all courses.

Zoran, I have seen the same issue creating a course. I had to solve it clicking some times the Back button in the browser and using “Save and Open” button the edit page of a lesson.

I guess there exists a backend job which scans for new lessons to make them available in the library. I don’t know how often this job is running but I can see some new shared lessons in my Feed only without a chance to find it among neither my lessons nor the library. Neither classic nor new search screens can show the newest lessons. I guess it takes some days, weeks or a month (maybe depending on a language) to see the lessons in the library.

Thanks Ress, that is an issue an we’ll do our best to fix it as soon as we can.

Hi Josem22,
That is an issue and we are working to fix it. Thanks for your patience!