Cannot edit LingQ terms

since a few hours I haven’t been able to edit the words I create a LingQ for. When I click on the pencil, in the Edit LingQ template, nothing happens.
Earlier today, I updated Firefox to version 9 beta. Could that be the problem?
I hope you will manage to fix this issue,

Using Firefox 9 beta myself and it’s not giving me the problem. (And have been using only Beta Firefox versions for the last month.)

All I can say is that that function is working fine for me in all browsers. However, I have not tested it on Firefox Beta. Beta versions, by definition, still have bugs in them so we do not test or support these versions.

I must say it’s the first time I had such a problem… I was using a beta version before, as well.

Mark, non beta versions also have bugs. haha :slight_smile: I’ve found that Firefox betas tend to be very stable (I’ve used them for most of this year, exclusively). Not had a single crash yet and I do a lot of things which I’ve managed to crash browsers with in the past.

In any case, as I said, I tested it. Beta of version 9 on Linux doesn’t have the problem. You’re on Windows, Mikebond?

Yes, I’ve never used any other OS.

I have installed Firefox 9 beta on another pc now, and I can edit terms, so I guess my desktop pc had some problems today.

Strange stuff Mikebond!