Cannot downgrade membership

I emailed lingq support a fortnight ago because I cannot downgrade my account on their website. I never received a reply from them. I just tried again (I don’t want to get billed again) and the downgrade button still isn’t working for me.

I’ve emailed (again) but last time I did that I never heard back so I thought I’d post a message on the forum to cover all the bases. If any support staff see this, please could you help me out?



Hi James,
I’ve just replied on your latest email and attached screenshot as proof that we did replied on your email from June 24th right after we received it. Not sure why you haven’t received or noticed it.
Anyway, we can confirm that you have successfully cancelled your subscription on June 24th. Your account will be downgraded to FREE on July 20th, and you will not be charged again.
You can upgrade again at any time to pick where you left off.

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

I wanted to downgrade as well and I’m getting the same internal error.

Sorry about the error message, we will fix that. We checked your account and you did cancelled your subscription successfully too. Your account will be downgraded to FREE on July 26th.