Cannot deleted imported lessons

I have been recently importing my own lessons, which have been great. A few of them, however, have doubled up and I have two of the same lesson (my fault). I have been trying to delete the copies, so I go to my imports, click on edit and select delete lesson, it then asks me if I am sure. I click ok and then…nothing, the lesson is still there. Not really a big deal, but why isn’t this working?

I reported this problem in "Delete Lesson" Problem Remains For Imported Lessons - La... on May 15th.

Support did not respond but Deahna offered a workaround in that thread.

Hi Adam,
Sorry about that. We have this issue recently for lessons on My Lessons page and we have managed to fix that, but it seems that issue is still active for lessons on My Imports Page.
We will do our best to fix this soon, but in the meantime, you can delete unwanted lessons directly from Lesson Editor (open your lesson, and click on edit lesson option then you will notice “Delete Lesson” option at the bottom left).
Thanks for letting us know about this!

Just to let you know that from now on you should be able to delete lessons from My Imports page again. Thanks for your patience!