Cannot Delete Courses Permanently


I have been having a lot of trouble deleting courses. I know this has been a recurring problem, but I had hoped it was some workflow I was getting wrong. I don’t believe that it is.

Current Issues

  • Courses I have previously removed / not added (plus sign unchecked) show up in Continue Studying

  • Deleting courses at /library or /library/search/my_lessons doesn’t persist the deletion

  • The only courses I should see are these two, but everything is back in the library

I have only checked this on desktop as I need to get on with my studying for the day, but it seems as if several conditional checks are not working properly for inclusion or exclusion in the “Continue Studying” component and “My Lessons” search results.

My expectations of course deletion are:

  • if a course does not have the plus sign checked, it would not show up at either endpoint mentioned above
  • that clicking the delete button would remove that course from appearing in the results for either endpoint.

Please let me know if / when this will be fixed as it is hindering my ability to easily access my study materials across several languages. Too much clutter in the results.



Hi there - I just had this problem myself - they are aware of it and working on it. It’s been fixed for me already so if you keep having the issue I recommend writing to them directly.

Thanks, Sarah. We are looking into this.

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Recently LingQ has had a problem in that it displays Zombies – courses or lessons that have already been deleted. These eventually disappear, possibly via a ”garbage collection” or via a server-side buffer flush.

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I have this issue too.