Cannot create conversation

Right I thought I’d branch this off into a separate thread. I am able to create the 1-on-1 conversations and they appear in my calendar but when I try to create a (group) conversation, inputting the title/description and clicking “post conversation” I consistently get a messagebox that says “Server Error: 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR”

Perhaps you already created 1-on-1s at this time?

Thanks! I think that could’ve been it- I was able to now create a discussion :slight_smile: thanks again!

I think if you try and create a conversation less than 12 hours in advance the server gets a headache and has to go and lie down for a bit :slight_smile:

If you create one-on-ones, as long as they aren’t taken (no-one has signed up) then the system will let you create a group discussion in the same time slot and will just cancel the one-on-ones.