Cannot create a new lesson


I cannot create a new lesson anymore, I get ‘Internal Server Error’.
I hope this gets resolved soon.



‘Import as lesson’ is working in chrome but it appears as though they changed the interface.

I also get ‘Internal Server Error’.

We are sorry about that! We are working on this issue now. Meantime, please don’t choose a course when importing a lesson. Save your new lesson first, then open it and add to a course.

Hello Galina,

I tried your suggestion, but then I still cannot share the lesson, I must add an image (although a general one is defined for the course), but the ‘Add Image’ area does not seem to be click-able for me.

Hope this gets solved soon,



@silviad - Thanks, I’ve added this to the list!

@silviad - If you try ctrl+refreshing your browser on the import lesson page, the image function should start working. It just requires you to clear your browser cache.