Cannot Change Languages in Mobile App

I am using a Google Pixel running Android 10 and it seems that after this most recent update I can no longer use the bar on the right that lets you change between languages or view daily/weekly/monthly statistics.

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I have the same problem. Below are my details:

Using Huawei P20 Lite
Version 4.9.12 (278)
Downloaded from Google Play Store
I had an ugprade of the LingQ mobile app this morning 5 June 2020.
Now the app does not allow me to switch language.
I am learning Spanish and German languages.
Prior to the upgrade, it worked seamlessly.
Please fix the bug or revert to older version.

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Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue and it’s now reported to our team. We will get it fixed.

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This is now fixed. Please update the app to version 4.9.13


Hi. Many thanks for the quick turnaround! I checked it and it is working as expected. Keep up the great service! Cheers.