Cancelling my subscription and refund

Good Morning,

I was using LingQ for six months in the premium version, but then I stopped using it for a while. Although I enjoyed using the application, I knew that I would not be able to afford to extend it
for another year. If I wanted to cancel the subscription, I would have to delete all my lessons from LingQ, and I had the right to use them for another six months. After some time, I forgot about the cancellation and recently got a notice about renewing the subscription even though I do not want it. So I would ask you to revoke this subscription and refund the money to my account.

Thank you!

PS Similar situation was described here:

I refunded your payment and expired subscription. Let me know if I can assist with anything else.

Thank you! I will most surely come back to LingQ premium :grin:


I have pretty much the same problem. I haven’t used Lingq for a while and the subscription just renewed itself. A couple of months ago I tried to cancel the subscription but failed. Maybe you can help me, Zoran?

@johann.grobe No problem, I refunded your payment and expired subscription.

I have the exact same issue - I haven’t been using LingQ for a long time and then I was charged again for another year. Can you please help me too, Zoran?

@ligqligq Sure, I took care of it and refunded your payment.

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Thank you!