Cancelling account

Hi there,

Last month I went to cancel my Lingq account and on the Settings page I saw text saying " Premium (changing to Free on February 14, 2021)" so I assumed my account would expired today and that would be it. However, I just received a charge on my card and now the text in settings reads “Premium (changing to Free on March 14, 2021)”.

This is the second month that I’ve been charged a lower rate so I assume I took a cancellation deal in December but I honestly can’t remember. There doesn’t seem to be any reference to this on the Lingq website though and it just looks as if I’ve cancelled my account each month until I get charged again. There’s no button to cancel my account, only one to “Reactivate” the old monthly subscription I used to be on.

Can someone clear this up for me and let me know when I’ll stop being charged? Thanks

Hi John,
You did activated “50% discount - 3 months” deal during the downgrade flow. Your account is set to be charged with discounted pricing for another month, in March. After that charge your account will switch back to regular pricing. If you want to cancel to Free after 3 months discount deal, just downgrade again after your charge in March and that’s it.

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Last week I haven’t had a conversation with tutor Candacebulwalston . I waited on Skype about 10 minutes, but no answer ! May I take again my points for this course ? . Could you help me ? Thank you very much !

@AGISSON I see that points for that conversation were already added back on your account on February 11.

Perfect, thank you very much for your help Zoran.