Cancelled conversations?

When I receive an email that someone booked a conversation but then I go to Lingq a few hours later to my main page and that conversation isn’t there… than mean she/he cancelled right?

We should always believe what the “my conversations” says, right?

Hi Berta! I think so!
Anyway, it should be great if the system will send an email when someone cancels a conversation. Yes, you have 12 hours to see it, but I just think it should be better to receive emails when someone signs up and also if someone cancels.

Yes that would be great alsuvi :wink:

I did that to you, Berta, the other day. I had booked a session and very shortly afterwards I had to cancel it - next time I’ll write on your wall to let you know! But a system-generated email would, obviously, be very helpful for you as tutors.

No worries Susanne :)))

It’s just that I wouldn’t like to miss a conversation thinking that it had been cancelled!