Cancel premium subscription please

Hi @zoran, can you please cancel my premium subscription??

Hello, I took care of it for you.

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Hi, Zoran!, could you help me to remove the automatic renewal of my premium subscription, please? I would like it to be manual in case I want to change the payment method, thank you very much.

I have a doubt, if my membership is cancelled and I go to free, will all my progress be saved, i.e. if I want to renew my membership after some time in free, will I see my account with the same streak and my LingQs?

@Brenzarte I disabled the auto-renewal on your account.
Once your subscription expires, if you want to save your data, you can activate the Vacation plan.

Thank you very much! Is the vacation plan activated in my account settings or do I need to come to you?

Yes, you can activate it here: Login - LingQ