Cancel My Account

Hello, I tried to cancel my subscription to LingQ toady. It appears that do do so I need to “downgrade” my account to the free version.

But, apparently I cannot do this because I have more than 5 imported, unshared lessons in my library. I went to try to delete them and found that the process of doing so is incredibly tedious. I really don’t see why I have to spend a ton of my time weeding through my library and trying to find the items that need to be deleted.

This feels like my bank account is basically being held hostage. Frankly, it would be easier to contact my credit card company and block any future charges from LingQ as fraudulent.

Please just delete my account and all relevant info if necessary.

Your subscription has been cancelled and your account is scheduled to drop to the FREE level on April 30, after your current paid period expires.

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That is a great response and an ethical remedy.