Canadians vote tomorrow

Just reminding all Canadian citizens to vote tomorrow. It is your democratic right so please use it.

Why didn’t someone remind me to watch that Canucks thing a while ago?

I would like to be able to choose to vote or not. Unfortunately, voting in Brazil is compulsory.
It’s not that I don’t want to vote, but being forced to… I think is bad, in many ways.

Hi, dooo. I already did it. I cast my ballot at advance poll last Saturday. I got my Canadian citizenship one year ago so I am entitled to participate in this election. I can’t more agree with you. As a citizen, you must use all your constitutional rights. It is the only way to make your opinion count.

Man, I still have not decided.

I intend to vote a few times, my wife too.

Just voted.

Steve, how do you vote more than once? Are you going to disguise yourself and speak different languages?

edwin, that is right, don’t tell anyone. I just voted too. We will have to wait and see what happens.

I advise everyone to vote early and often :slight_smile:

dooo, I saw you stuffing five ballots into the box, it was on TV

Oh that was dooo? I thought it was Steve in disguise, trying to sneak in the poll station the 12th times, after running out of languages to speak.

@ Dooo’ “It is your democratic right…” => Isn’t it your new democratic left, Dooo? :wink:

Haha touché Ilya.

BTW the results

It will be fascinating/worrying watching “the Harper conservatives (sic)” with actual power.