Can Youtube Importer just Pull Audio?

Hello! I’ve found a number of Greek Youtube channels that I’m importing into LingQ. I’ve also added several of these videos onto my playlist so that I can listen to the videos in my car. However, in the playlist setting it seems to always have to play the video and I can’t download the content onto my phone. This is really annoying, as my signal isn’t that great at some points along my drive, so the videos freeze, sometimes for quite awhile.

Can I solve this natively through LingQ, or will I have to use a separate audio ripping website to grab the audio and then import the whole thing manually?


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Need to use a youtube to mp3 converter website and upload the audio. Then generate timestamps in edit lesson function.


I capture all sorts of audio, upload it to Lingq, and have Lingq transcribe it for me – which Lingq now automatically does for YouTube. Then I use VB-Cable to capture the audio. The great thing about VB-Cable is that it does not matter the source of the audio - if you can play it on your Mac, you can capture it for use in Lingq.

Other techniques I use is to download an Apple Podcast audio and grab a copy of it. That requires some admin privileges that every owner of a Mac has whether they realize it or not.

And finally for some sites I can right click on the web page where the audio is, chose “view page source,” grab the URL to the mp3 recording, paste it into another window, right click on the result and download.

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