Can you see the rankings of activity rates?

Is there somewhere where it´s possible to see member rankings for the activity rates in different languages and/or the combined activity rates?


Tell me what it will matter? I rarely write on the forum. I read more. How will my activity depend on it?

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The activity rate (overall rate is next to your apple in the forum, otherwise you see it for each language in your profile in your stats) - is not related to posting in the forum. It´s some function of how much you read, write, listen, talk, how many lingQs you make and how many words you learn. It says in the help that the person with the highest rate (for the last 30 days I think) in each language gets a laurel and the one with the overall highest rate (which seems to be the sum af all your activity rates in all languages) gets a golden crown. I´m just curious to whether you can see where you rate compared to the others.

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I’m interested. I’m under zero activity, too. But I don’t have every day on the forum either.

Maybe this information will help us - Avatar Help

I´ve read all of that already. I do not think you can see the rankings of other members’ activity ratings, like you can with the number of words learned, number of LingQs or streak length, but I decided to ask to see if I was mistaken. I already got the laurel in Dutch a few days ago for being the most active in that language in the last 30 days, but I can´t see the comparison to others. I´m also just curious to which people have the highest overall activity rates here.