Can you please help me for a nice German song?

Hello, love a recent German and I would like to find a video with the text like a karaoke, can you help me to find this please ? This is the song : SchwrzVyce - Fake News Media (lyrics video) - YouTube
Thank you so much for your help, I hope to come back here in few time and write in German.

It says the video is restricted now so I can’t see it. If you know the name of the song you can do a google search with name of the song and lyrics…e.g. “99 luftballons lyrics” and you should get numerous links with the lyrics (unless it’s not a well known song).

Tut mir ein bisschen Leid. Ich helfe immer gerne, aber ich werde einen Teufel tun, dir beim Verstehen dieses Mülls zu helfen. Leerdenker in Sachen Covid-19, die sich auf Che Guevara berufen, sind einfach nur lächerlich.