Can you loose your own accent?

I´ve been living in Russia for 2 years. Recently i went back to home for a visit and i was surprised that my family and friends told me i now speak Spanish with a weird accent, kind of foreigner accent.

I cant say im a polyglot, i speak Spanish and Catalan as a native languages and English and Russian as a second languages. But when i speak English or Russian, i always have a thick Spanish accent, thats why it was so unexpected to hear that i dont have Spanish accent in my own language anymore.

So strange, Did this happend to anybody else?

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Yes, it often happens. My friend has been living in Sweden for 20 years. And I feel that her Russian is a bit like a foreigner language because sie immerses every day in sounds which are different from Russian, and it influences her Russian as well.

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It’s easy and it’s normal.just be patient to speak normally like before.

I’ve heard that people can completely forget their native language after living years abroad. Decades that is, maybe.

You can lose your accent.

You can lose your native language.
“Age is a factor. Once past puberty, Dr Schmid says, your first language is stable and the effects of attrition can reverse themselves if you are re-immersed. But children as old as 10 don’t necessarily retain the language they were born into.”