Can you introduce yourself to us?

Can you introduce yourself to us?
Can you say something about yourself to us?

I’m not sure the prepositions in two sentences should be “TO” or “For”, or both are okay?

Thank you!!!

To my ears I think either for or to would work, but it would be better to say “Please introduce yourself.” or “Say something about yourself.” or “Tell us about yourself.”

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i agree, althought the phrase “Can you introduce yourself” is correct it sounds off.

Excuse me, could you tell me what sound off means?

”sounds off” means that its not the way we would say that. However, you would be understood. Its just not the way we usually say that.


If you a asking about English (at least American English), “to” is probably more common than “For.” Either would work. But it is mostly going to be understood, in most social or group situations, in which case you could just stop at “yourself.”

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Hi, nice to meet you.

“Off” in a similar context also refers to food that had started to go bad. If you smell a piece of fish, for example, and it smells nasty, you might say that it’s ‘gone off’.