Can you import Manga?

I would like to be able to read manga in Spanish but I do not know or think it is possible is this the case?

The words would be embedded into the picture so i doubt it. Why not just read them as they are ? The language in BD’s or Mongas are not that hard, you certainly should have enough words to cope.

I started off with The Walking Dead in French and after the first couple of books i could read the following installments as if reading in English.

Because I would want to add the words into my database and the fact I could click on a word and the meaning too

Just use some ocr software and get the text, so you could transcribe the dialogs and narration. But you have to proofread the text you get from the ocr software, it’s not convenient but it’s better than nothing. Once you have the text you could copy it to lingq. Once again, not convenient but it’s better than nothing. Another option is to read the manga and write every word you don’t know into a csv file and then import the vocabulary into lingq.

Obviously but if you got the words from reading it i’m sure you’d come across them soon enough here too. Maybe type it out by hand ? That’s not a bad exercise in itself.

You can either order some manga in spanish from Amazon or something, or find fan translations of scanned manga or subtitled anime online.