Can you help me propose to my girlfriend? :)

I’ve got a favor to ask of you. I’m going to propose soon and my future wife is really into languages. I want to make some sort of a movie compilation of people from all over the world who will say one sentence that I’ve written in their native tongue. Would you have some spare time to record a short video? Whole movie will be in the cinema on a huge screen. There will be only me and her so don’t worry about other people :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I can’t offer you any reward for that. Only that you will get a message if it worked. Please, help me get her heart :slight_smile:
Hope for any reply.

Well this is a new one. I like it!

Good luck.

That sounds like fun! Will she understand English?

She speaks fluently in Spanish and English and I want everyone on that movie to say the sentence in their native tongue. There will be English subtitles.

Now if only native speakers of languages other than English read this topic…

We could translate it in other languages and JJK could post it all over the forum?

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Ok. I can help. My native tongue is Russian.

With such a good project, JJK, why do you SPAM this forum full posting 12 identical messages???

I think that it’s kinda urgent for him thus he’s desperate to ensure that everything would have been completed as soon as possible , but indeed , it’s a little bit annoying to see so many out-and-out same posts on each forum.

Heey Of course I can help you it will be awesome just send me the message

Yeah, I know. I’m sorry for the spam but it is quite urgent. I need around 50 people and I found that it’s difficult to get trust on the Internet. Thanks Salucci. Sending you message right away.

Well, it would have been more effective having the message translated to be read by native speakers of other languages, but I guess ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sure I’d like to help.
“cheri ou chanje vi mwen, ou menm ak mwen nou tankou pwason ki kraze nan kalaou” I bit you’re ganna say something like that :rose:

Ps: my first language is Haitian Creole

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But isn’t the no1 rule to get trust on internet, don’t spam?. (:

I´m in.^^

PS: My native language is German

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Give her this set of choices…