Can you help me learn English?

Hello guys, I want to learn English. I know a little bit of English. I’m looking for someone to speak english with me. I can teach you Turkish too

I can teach you

I hope you already found someone to teach you!! Good luck with learning English!! I hope you do really well and learn it well. I learned it before and kept on practicing it until I was confident enough. You will find it really useful because there are so many people who speak it and use it. Even on the internet. there are a lot of English things so that can make you practice also.

Oh hello, I would like someone to help me, if you can I’ll be glad.

This is not a bad way of learning the language. I think you need someone who can speak Turkish, not perfectly, but at least a little bit.

I can teach you ! Do you have Skype ?

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I do

Hi! I would be happy to help! I don’t do face to face, but I can set up a thread where we can chat and I can teach you English! I happen to be a native English speaker, and a fluent Latin speaker. Latin can help you learn other languages. Also, if you feel most comfortable speaking Turkish while learning English, I can speak Turkish and teach you English. Whatever you want.
Also, check out my Language Learning Exercises. I post them every day.